General Practitioner - Position Description

Our General Practitioners are responsible for providing personal, family/whanau and community-orientated, comprehensive primary care medical services to individuals.

As part of the general practice team, you will be responsible for providing patient-centred, culturally-appropriate, and individual holistic care.  Patients should feel that they have been dealt with in a professional, friendly and courteous manner. Our General Practitioners work closely with the nursing team to provide clinical guidance, assistance education and support.

Business/Practice Manager

Practice Manager
Reception and administrative staff
Other health providers

Business Partners
Other health professionals

Key Tasks

Key Task 1 – Clinical Services

1.1 Restoring Health
Provide Primary Care Services as follows:
a) Urgent medical and nursing services (including resuscitation, stabilisation and assessment and diagnosis, treatment and referral as necessary);
b) Assess the urgency and severity of presenting problems through history taking, examination and investigation.
c) Recommending and, where appropriate, undertaking treatment options and carrying out/referring for appropriate interventions and procedures, including but not limited to prescribing, minor surgery and other general practice procedures, counselling, psychological interventions, advising and education.
d) Referral for diagnostic, therapeutic and support services as required

1.2  Maintaining Health
Provide timely clinical and culturally appropriate health services through:
a) Ongoing health and development assessment and advice.
b) Appropriate evidence-based screening, risk assessment and early detection of illness, disease and disability.
c) Use of recall and reminder systems and referral, as appropriate, to national screening programmes.
d) Interventions to assist people to reduce or change risky and harmful lifestyle behaviour.
e) Family planning services, provision of contraceptive advice and sexual health services.
f) Ensure Immunisation programmes are available to the practice population.
g) Working with public health providers in the prevention and control of communicable diseases for individuals and families/whanau and reporting to relevant public health providers.
h) Ongoing care and support for people with chronic and terminal conditions to reduce deterioration, increase independence and reduce suffering linking, where relevant, with appropriate service providers.

1.3  Coordinating Care
In particular:
a) Co-ordinating an individual’s rehabilitation process and participating where appropriate in providing recovery orientated services to restore normal functioning;
b) Developing collaborative working relationships with community health services, DHB and non- Government public health providers, ACC and relevant non-health agencies to help to address intersectoral issues affecting the health of their enrolled populations;
c) Establishing links with a range of primary and secondary health care providers and developing initiatives to enable patient centric, coordinated care that meets the needs of individuals, their family or whanau.

1.4  Improving Health
Improve patient health through:
a) Health promotion to the practices’ enrolled population, linking to public health programmes at a national, regional and local level and utilizing such programmes to target specific populations.
b) Health education, counselling and information provision about how to improve health and prevent disease and interventions or treatments that treat risk factors.

Key Task 2 – Financial

2.1  Invoicing
Ensure all patient services undertaken are charged out in accordance with appropriate protocols.

2.2  Compliance
When claiming subsidies from any funding agency, all compliance clauses must be adhered to.

2.3  Other
Assist with provision of information for practice reporting requirements, as requested.

Key Task 3 – IT System Management

3.1  Accuracy of information
All information you enter into the PMS system is accurate, appropriate and in accordance with agreed protocols.

Key Task 4 – Primary Health Organisation (PHO) Management

4.1  Patient PHO enrolment
Supporting other staff by assisting in promoting the benefits of enrolling in the PHO, to patients.

4.2  Age/Sex register
Ensure patient information in your patient register is correct and up to date to ensure funding opportunities are maximised.

4.3  PHO Reporting
Ensuring reports are completed within agreed timeframes.

Key Task 5 – Communication

5.1  External
Professional liaison with other health professionals is maintained.

5.2  Internal
All staff are informed, as appropriate, about anything that they should be aware of regarding a patient, or regarding the internal workings of the practice.  Staff and team meetings are attended as requested.

5.3  Staff problems or issues
All staff problems or issues are referred to the Business/Practice Manager in the first instance. 

Key Task 6 – Quality
6.1  Clinical notes

All patient consultations must be accurately recorded in the clinical patient notes within 24 hours of seeing the patient.

6.2  Continuing Medical Education
Ongoing CME is maintained at least at the level required to maintain ongoing recertification.

6.3  Peer Review
Participation in peer review at least at the level required to maintain ongoing recertification.

6.4  Audit
Participation in clinical audit as required for recertification. Participation in the Significant Event Management process in place in the practice.  Participate in practice accreditation or other quality improvement systems.

Key Task 7 – Compliance

7.1  Complaints
All patient complaints to be referred to the Business/Practice Manager in the first instance. If unresolved then referred to the Health & Disability Commission.

7.2  Privacy Act
Total confidentiality and privacy of patients is maintained.

7.3 Health & Safety
Comply with established health and safety policies with regard to handling of instruments, storage of drugs and disposal of sharps and other potentially dangerous equipment and substances. Comply with current NZ legislation.

Key Task 8 – Other

8.1  Other duties
Attend events such as staff meetings or training sessions if required.

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