Registered Practice Nurse - Position Description

Our Practice nurses work autonomously and collaboratively to promote, improve, maintain and restore health. Practice nursing encompasses population health, health promotion, disease prevention, wellness care, first point-of-contact care and disease management across the lifespan.

All nursing care is patient-centred, individual, holistic and culturally appropriate, delivered in partnership with people, individuals, Whanau, communities and populations, to achieve the shared goal of health for all.

The Practice Nurse works in a mutually collaborative relationship with general practitioners (GPs), administration staff and other health care providers to provide efficient, effective, professional nursing services within the practice.

Nurse Lead
Business/Practice Manager

Administration Team Lead
Reception and administrative staff
Health Improvement Practitioner
Health Coach
Community Support Worker

Other health professionals
South Link Health Group staff
Primary Health Organisation staff

Key Tasks

Key Task 1 – Clinical Services

1.1 Nursing Services

  • Provide personal health and disease management services to patients at first point of contact including triage, acute care, case management, and rehabilitation as required.
  • Demonstrates effective clinical assessment skills and shows evidence of sufficient clinical experience in assessment skills across the life span.
  • A plan of action is formulated with the individual.
  • according to the assessment and clinical findings, their informed choices and circumstances, the degree of self-management appropriate and the services available
  • The plan of action and interventions are based on best practice guidelines and utilise relevant Standing Orders/clinical guidelines.
  • Initiates clinical programmes and initiatives to support the objectives in the Primary Health Care Strategy, including screening for on-going medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease and Diabetes.
  • Nursing care is supported by appropriate documentation.
  • Demonstrates ability to perform appropriate clinical procedures and treatment regimens within scope of practice.
  • Referrals and consultations with all health professionals and other colleagues are made to provide the best available information and timely care to the individual.
  • Demonstrates the use of time management skills to plan and prioritise own workload.

Maintaining and Improving Health
Provide timely clinical and culturally appropriate health services through:

  • On-going well-health education and advice, including counselling to improve health and prevent disease.
  • Use of recall and reminder systems and referral, as appropriate, to national screening programmes.
  • Education to assist people to reduce or change risky and harmful lifestyle behaviour.
  • Family planning services, provision of contraceptive advice and sexual health services.
  • Delivery of immunisation programmes.
  • On-going care and support for people with chronic conditions.
  • Health promotion, linking to public health programmes at a national, regional and local level and utilising such programmes to target specific populations.

1.3  Coordinating Care
In particular:

  • Advocating on behalf of patients with external agencies to communicate patient care and support needs where appropriate.
  • Coordinating an individual’s rehabilitation process and participating where appropriate in providing recovery-oriented services to restore normal functioning.
  • Developing collaborative working relationships with community health services, DHB and non-Government public health providers, ACC and relevant non-health agencies.


Key Task 2 – Clinical Management

2.1  Stocks of materials

  • Maintain adequate levels of stock for materials and equipment in all treatment and consulting rooms, ensuring no item is past its expiry date.


2.2  Medication Management

  • All medications are stored and dispensed within the documented procedures, ensuring minimum levels of supply are maintained.
  • Ensure safe custody and accounting for controlled medications.
  • Demonstrates responsibility, accountability, competence and knowledge of medication administration, evidence-based treatments and interventions used in patient care.


Key Task 3 – Documentation

3.1  Accuracy of information


  • Information entered into the Patient Management System (PMS) complies with nursing documentation standards and is accurate, appropriate and in accordance with agreed protocols.

3.2  Consultations


  • All consultations (including telephone consultations) with or about patients is documented.

3.3 New Patients
  • All new patients are appropriately set up for screening and recall programmes on enrolment.


Key Task 4 – Communication

4.1  Communication

  • Ensure appropriate follow up for normal or abnormal investigations in collaboration with the GP.
  • Relates to patients in a professional manner and communicates effectively to support the patient through the healthcare experience.
  • Ensure the appropriate health professionals are kept informed with regarding patients and the delivery of nursing care.
  • Acts as a patient advocate as required.
  • Professional collaboration with other health professionals is maintained.
  • All staff problems or issues are referred to the Clinical Nurse Manager in the first instance.
  • Is an active, engaged team member, working collaboratively with all staff within the medical centre.
  • All complaints are referred to the Clinical Nurse Manager.

Key Task 5 – Financial

5.1  Invoicing


  • All nursing services provided are charged out in accordance with appropriate protocols.

5.2  Compliance


  • Ensures all compliance clauses are adhered to when claiming subsidies for programmes of care delivered.
  • Ensure patient eligibility to access programmes of care is established before enrolment into programmes.

Key Task 6 – Quality

6.1  Professional Development

  • Accepts responsibility for and is proactive in seeking professional development opportunities to extend knowledge and develop nursing practice.
  • Continuing professional development meets the minimum requirements set by the NZ Nursing Council.
  • Actively works towards completing a professional portfolio suitable for PDRP assessment within a negotiated timeframe.

6.2  Quality Improvement

  • Participates in continuous quality improvement activities to monitor and improve standards of nursing.
  • Incorporates quality improvement principles into own nursing practice (e.g., peer review, performance review and professional supervision).
  • Identify and participate in quality improvement activities within the practice environment, challenging situations and practice that do not meet required quality standards by activities such as clinical audit, consumer survey, and implementing changes in practice as required.
  • Reports and documents any near misses or actual incidents and participates in any follow up processes.
Key Task 7 – Compliance

7.1  Professional Responsibilities

  • Maintains an annual practising certificate and other appropriate qualifications for the delivery of specific services such as Vaccination, Cervical Screening, and Smoking Cessation.
  • Ensures nursing practice and conduct meets the standards of the nursing profession, ethical and relevant legislative requirements.
  • Have knowledge of and accesses policies to guide nursing practice.
  • Applies ethical principles and reflection in own nursing practice.

7.2  Privacy Act

  • Total confidentiality and privacy of patients is maintained at all times.



7.3 Health & Safety

  • Comply with established health and safety policies with regard to handling of instruments, infection control, storage of drugs and disposal of sharps and other potentially dangerous equipment and substances.
  • Comply with current NZ legislation.



Key Task 8 – Other

8.1  Other duties

  • Hours of work are set out in the Employment Agreement; however, there may be times when you are required to undertake other duties outside of these hours as requested. This may involve attendance at meetings, staff meetings or training sessions.
  • Undertakes other duties as required and negotiated with the Clinical Nurse Manager or Business/Practice Manager.
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